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A little big enterprise app: How we automated device tracking for internal use

By Olga Aksenova on November 16, 2017

Device Tracking

We are software developers, but not all the products we build are made for clients. Sometimes we create apps that solve pain points of our own employees.

Custom Website Builder for Internet & TV Provider

By Olga Aksenova on October 19, 2017

 Custom Website Builder

Being a big Internet and TV provider, Novotelecom decided to update the website for one of its brands. They turned to us to develop a custom website builder. First we thought “What’s the point? There are lots of readymade website builders like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace”. However, Novotelecom was looking for a solution with a specific set of blocks not available in off-the-shelf products. Only a custom website builder could fulfill these requirements. So, we got to work.

Dancing With the Stars: Mobile App for Oriflame

By Ilya Kataev on October 12, 2017
Oriflame App

19,970 app downloads and new customers in 150 cities. Learn how our app increased brand awareness and helped reach a wider audience.

Using Kotlin for Android Development: First Impressions

By Vladimir Ivanov on August 30, 2016

Using Kotlin for Android Development

Being well acquainted with JVM, many developers know there have been many attempts to find a decent replacement for Java. It seemed that Scala could play this role right up until 2011 when JetBrains announced Kotlin. The company released a new programming language as open source in 2012 and officially issued the 1.0 version in 2016.

How to Create Custom LayoutManager in Android

By Mikhail Gurevich on July 5, 2016

How to Create Custom LayoutManager in Android

After a recent update of the Android support libraries, a new component called RecyclerView was introduced to replace ListView and brought with it many unique opportunities. It is intended for creating big complex lists and allows the use of different LayoutManagers. In particular, with RecyclerView you can build a custom LayoutManager implementation.

PHP Framework Review:
How I Tried Laravel

By Andrey Tokarev on June 21, 2016

PHP Framework Review: How I Tried Laravel

Hi everyone, my name is Andrew and I’m a Symfoniac. Recently we worked on a project to develop additional parts for our client’s SAP system. At the start of the project, I could choose the necessary set of development tools for myself. And in spite of my preference for Symfony, I decided to take a look at some other PHP frameworks, which could replace the familiar Symfony.

How to Report Bugs Effectively:
Mobile App Testing Tools

By Vladimir Ivanov on May 5, 2016

How to Report Bugs Effectively: Mobile App Testing Tools

While talking about useful tools for mobile developers, we decided to touch upon the topic of reporting bugs. Bugs always appear in apps during the development process. Developers and testers have to go through several routine stages in order to submit every bug. Using bug reporting tools, it is easy to shorten this boring manual process to a few simple steps.

How to Integrate PayPal as Payment System in Website

By Dmitrij Kuznecov on March 31, 2016

How to Integrate PayPal as Payment System in Website

Very often web developers have to solve the problem of website integration with a payment system. Today one of the most popular online payment gateway is PayPal, which allows people to make payments worldwide. And it's not surprising that this solution is highly demanded in web development. However, in the process of PayPal integration many developers miss some important things.

We’d like to share our experience of PayPal integration into websites. In particular, we are going to write about how to set up and track payment acceptance from any user to a PayPal account and how to provide money transfers to system users.